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Central Resident Office

The Central Resident Office (CRO) is located on Osan Air Base, home of the 51st Fighter Wing and Headquarters, 7th Air Force (Air Component Command for United States Forces Korea (USFK)). Osan Air Base is approximately 40 miles south of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Osan AB is located in Pyongtaek City, but the area is also commonly referred to as Songtan. Korea is a small peninsula off the coast of Asia, lying between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. It is a mountainous country with climates that range from cold and dry in the north to almost semitropical in southern areas. Monsoon season is usually in July and August with Spring and Fall being the most pleasant and colorful of the four distinct seasons. Osan AB tends to be similar to many of the mid-western states in relation to climates and seasons.

CRO is a stand alone resident office, supporting the construction activity mainly at Osan AB, but also covers periodic construction activity at Suwon AB, about 12 miles to the north. CRO is comprised of a diverse group of about 25 Department of Army Civilians (DACs), and Korean Nationals working together as a single team committed to achieving construction excellence. The team is comprised of Project Engineers and Quality Assurance Representatives with contract administration and quality assurance support provided by both the Resident Office and the District Contract Support and Quality Assurance Branches.

CRO has an important mission in supporting USFK and Air Force war fighting missions, contingency readiness, Middle East deployment and improving the quality of life for the Airmen and Soldiers stationed at Osan AB. CRO manages a multitude of construction programs such as Air Force MILCON (MCP), Military Family Housing (MFH), Republic of Korea Funded Construction (ROKFC), Host Nation work, known as the Combined Defense Improvement Program (CDIP), Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF), Quality of Life, Environmental, and Operation and Maintenance (OMAF). From these various programs, dormitories, high rise, townhouse and single family housing units, operational facilities, warehouses, a vehicle maintenance facility, visiting quarters, airfield maintenance and improvement upgrades, recreational facilities and infrastructure upgrade projects are constructed.

CRO is  a three  year tour of duty assignment. There is an abundance of comfortable, affordable housing off-base, a large commissary similar to any Stateside grocery store, a new AAFES exchange (the largest in Korea), a medical facility and top notch elementary, junior and high schools on base. Stateside television is available on base or via satellite feed (with a decoder) for those who need to keep abreast with the latest sports or entertainment shows.

There is plenty to do on your off-duty time here on the peninsula. The Air Force is known for their emphasis on quality of life. Through MWR, Youth Services and the USO, you can always find a way to satisfy your outdoor wander lusts, children's interest (music, art, dance, sports) and curiosity about Korea by going on tours. There is an 18-hole golf course on base, indoor and outdoor pools, an excellent fitness center and plenty of dining establishments, including a recently completed Chili' Restaurant. A rail extension was completed to Songtan, making it easy and comfortable to travel to Seoul, for cultural activities and other amenities to be found in a modern city of eleven million people, without having to fight the traffic. If you like to shop, this is place. DACs and military personnel alike shuttle in from Seoul and outlying areas including Japan and Guam, to do just that - shop till they drop on weekends and holidays, purchasing mink blankets, arts and craft items, leather goods, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. If you like to travel, Incheon International Airport is less than two hours away, with affordable destinations like China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other locations in the Far East within easy reach.

The work environment is excellent. The contractors are very good to work with and provide outstanding quality facilities. The quality of life is comfortable and convenient, not to mention quite safe. Come to CRO and experience it for yourself.


The Seoul Project Office consists of a Project Engineer, Office Engineer, Engineering Support Assistant, and five Quality Assurance Representatives. It is located on Main Post of Yongsan Garrison in Seoul and handles construction projects for the Seoul area (Yongsan and K-16). The office is located close to all the base facilities, including the Post Office, restaurants, Movie Theater, bowling alley, PX, and shops. The work handled by the office includes a large amount of JOC work. The normal tour is three years and civilian employees are entitled to all the same base privileges as the military in the area to include use of DoD schools for K-12, a large military hospital, use of Commissary and PX facilities, as well as all other recreational and community programs. At times the work is high visibility, and always challenging. The Seoul Project Office is one of the best tours on the Korean peninsula for individuals interested in trying a foreign assignment in a large, metropolitan city environment.