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Humphreys Area Office

Overview:  The Humphreys Area Office (HAO) is the US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Office located at US Army Garrison-Humphreys, Korea.  The construction effort in HAO is unique within the Corps of Engineers.  The Korea Relocation construction program is a huge effort, and HAO is essentially taking part in the construction of an entire city.  HAO is currently managing a workload of over 32 projects worth nearly $1.7 Billion and growing.  Construction is defined by multiple international agreements and partnerships which are unique to Korea, and has high level interest and active involvement from several commands. 

Resources:  Humphreys Area Office is comprised of a Construction Services Branch, Quality assurance Branch, and the following Resident offices.  As the relocation program continues to grow, additional Resident Offices and Project Offices may be created. 

· Pyongtaek Resident Office

· Family Housing Resident Office

· Construction Surveillance Resident Office

· Medical Resident Office

Employment:  HAO is currently hiring!  We  offer  3 year  tours.  The work is unusually engaging, challenging, and exciting.  Employment with HAO provides an excellent opportunity for in-depth hands-on experience in construction, with the complexity of multinational teams and procedures.   Please click here for vacancies.

Location and Amenities:  Korea is a safe, modern country with beautiful mountains, coast line, and access to vacation spots around Asia.   USAG-Humphreys is an hour and a half drive south of Seoul, 40 minutes south of Osan Air Base, and 15 minutes from the city of Pyongtaek.  Humphreys is not far from night life, restaurants, and shopping.  The Humphreys Exchange and Commissary, Food Court and Restaurants offer typical American amenities.  HAO employees generally chose to live in town right outside the gate, in the City of Pyongtaek, or in the area surrounding Osan Air Base.  School age dependants attend either the DODDS American Elementary/Middle School at Humphreys or the DODDS American High School at Osan Air Base. The Humphreys High School is scheduled to open in time for the 2013-2014 School Year.