Kunsan Resident Office


The Kunsan Resident Office (KRO) is located on Kunsan Air Base, home of the 8th Fighter Wing or  “Wolf Pack” as it is referred to here at Kunsan.  Kunsan Air Base is approximately 140 miles south of Seoul, along the western coast of Korea. Kunsan AB is located in Kunsan (also translated to Gunsan) City.  Climate and weather at Kunsan AB tends to be similar to the rest of Korea, however the ocean breeze makes the temperature feel a little cooler year-round.


KRO is a standalone resident office, supporting the construction activity mainly at Kunsan AB, but also covers periodic construction activity at Gwangju AB, about 50 miles to the south. KRO is comprised of a diverse group of about 8 Department of Army Civilians (DACs) and Korean Nationals working together as a single team committed to achieving construction excellence. The team is comprised of Project Engineers and Quality Assurance Representatives with contract administration and quality assurance support provided by both the Resident Office and the District Contract Support and Quality Assurance Branches. As a small office, we are tight group that works hard together to accomplish the construction mission at Kunsan AB.  We also go on office hiking trips, have dinners together, and many of our members enjoy outdoor activities like golfing and fishing.


KRO has an important mission in supporting USFK and Air Force war fighting missions, contingency readiness, and improving the quality of life for the Airmen and Soldiers stationed at Kunsan AB. KRO manages a multitude of construction programs such as Air Force MILCON (MCP) and Republic of Korea Funded Construction (ROKFC IN-KIND) programs, Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF), Quality of Life, Environmental, and Operation and Maintenance Air Force (OMAF). From these various programs high rise dormitories, operational facilities, warehouses, vehicle and aircraft maintenance facilities, visiting quarters, airfield maintenance, and infrastructure upgrade projects are constructed.


KRO is a three year tour of duty assignment. Kunsan AB is an unaccompanied tour for the Airmen assigned to the base.  As such, Kunsan AB does not have any medical facilities for civilians or schools/child care services on base.  The commissary and AAFES exchange are relatively small but usually stock a good variety of items.  You can request items from larger commissary and exchange at Osan Air Base.  Delivery is usually takes about a week.  There is a large amount of Korean apartment buildings for off-base housing.  The apartments are modern with features like heated floors, a small TV in the kitchen, and bathrooms with bidets.  Stateside television, Armed Forces Network (AFN) is available via satellite feed (with a decoder and monthly charge) for those who need to keep abreast with the latest sports or entertainment shows.


There is plenty to do on your off-duty time here on the peninsula. The Air Force is known for their emphasis on quality of life. Through MWR, the USO, and the Force Support Squadron you can always find a way to satisfy your outdoor wander lusts and curiosity about Korea by going on tours, hiking or shopping trips, and snowboarding trips. There is a 9-hole golf course on base, outdoor pool, an excellent fitness center and a bowling alley. Bus ride from Kunsan city to Seoul is less than 3 hours, making it easy and comfortable to travel. Seoul is rich with cultural activities and other amenities to be found in a modern city of eleven million people. If you like to travel, Incheon International Airport is about 4 hours away, with affordable destinations like China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other locations in the Far East within easy reach. Korean people always say that the food in Kunsan is better than in other parts of Korea.  Meat dishes are often served fresh (never frozen) and Korean side dishes are plentiful.


The work environment is excellent. The contractors are very good to work with and provide outstanding quality facilities. KRO also works well with the 8th Civil Engineer Squadron.  The quality of life is comfortable and convenient.  If you want to work hard and immerse yourself in the Korean culture, Kunsan in the place to do it!