Logistics Management Office

The Logistics Management Office serves to provide logistical programs to support the corps' service to the Army's forces and Nation's civil works during peace and war. Logistics- the adhesive of construction- makes it happen!

The LMO serves as an advisory and administrative staff office, providing management and operational support to the district on logistical matters including transportation, supply, maintenance, facilities, and service management. Functions of the chief office include the following:

* Establishes district-wide logistics programs and develops local policies and procedures. Issues implementing guidance for higher echelon regulations, policies, and procedures applicable throughout the District.

* Conduct inspections and staff visits to other district staff elements and to subordinate area, resident, and project offices to assist in establishing new systems and procedures, and to determine the status of logistical program execution.

* Manages the operations of transportation, supply, maintenance, and facilities, and services being provided to the district.

* Serves as the district point of contact on logistics matters.

* Manages the district's career programs in the transportation, supply, and material maintenance career fields.

* Administers travel management, to include developing local policies and procedures, issuing and authenticating travel orders, processing requests for passports and theater clearances, monitoring contracts for travel services, and processing traveler's claims for consideration.

Provides passenger transportation services on common carriers and rental car companies either through in-house travel services or by contract services.



Supply and Facility Branch

* Maintain the unit property book for all nonexpendable and durable property for the District

* Train all Hand Receipt holders (59 each)

* Responsible for purchasing expendable supplies and equipment for the District

* Property Administration for all GFM/CAP for all projects

* Facility maintenance for building on FED compound

* Support all EEC/MEC requirements

* Dispatch and control all organic General and Special Purpose equipment belonging to FED

Transportation Branch

* Perform maintenance in shop and on site for all FED organic equipment

* Refueling mogas and diesel

* Recover disabled equipment

* Maintain all historical records for equipment

* Maintain PLL/ASL for FED organic equipment

* Assist travelers with TDY/PCS and provide travel advice in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR)

* Coordinate transportation requests with 25th Transportation Battalion to move heavy equipment and containers

* CTOR for CTO travel office.