FED Guide Specifications

FED Guide Specifications are for use in specifying construction for the United States Forces Korea (USFK) and DoD Facilities within Republic of Korea. Use FED Guide Specifications sections instead of those sections provided in the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). FED Guide Specifications contain the district specific construction requirements including local reference standards.  FED Guide Specifications are prepared using SpecsIntact (SI). When a project is created in SI, the system automatically adds Sections 01 33 00 and 01 42 00 to the job. UFGS sections 01 33 00 and 01 42 00 need to be deleted and the district's 01 33 00 and 01 42 00 added.  Any specifications section which is not covered by FED Guide Specifications shall be used UFGS. Electronic copies of the latest UFGS may be downloaded from the Whole Building Design Guide website at www.wbdg.org. The latest updates of the SpecsIntact program may be obtained at http://specsintact.ksc.nasa.gov/.

Questions or interpretations pertaining to FED Guide Specifications should be referred to the Contracting Officer.

These documents are available in the following formats:   Adobe Acrobat (PDF)  |   SpecsIntact (SEC)  |   Microsoft Office Excel (xlsx)