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Construction Prequalification Eligibility Requirements

Minimum Qualification to be Eligible as FED Prequalified Construction Contractor

      The following documents are required as a minimum to be eligible as a prequalified construction contractor at FED.

  1. Republic of Korea Government-issued business license.
  2. Certified copy of Court Registration.
  3. Licenses issued by Republic of Korea Government for Civil Engineering and Building, Electrical and Fire Protection Engineer works.
  4. External Audit Report with the following information.
  • External Audit Reports for the most recent two years
  • Current interim financial statements (no more than 6 months old)
  • 12-Month Cash Flow Projection (from the date of your most current financial statements,)
  • 18-month sales forecast (from the date of your most current financial statements.)
  • Bank Line of Credit information (each line of credit should include the credit limit, current outstanding borrowed balance, and any restrictions on borrowing)
  • Any additional information that may help describe your company's financial condition.
  1. A map showing Company Head Office location.
  2. Organization Chart showing the proposed staff to be dedicated to Far East District projects.
  3. Evidence of construction performance for 411th Contracting Support Brigade, Korea, other U.S. Government agencies and/or construction experience in U.S. standard-built projects.
  4. All documents must be submitted in English or accompanied by a notarized translation with certification that the translation is accurate.

      The construction experience with a U.S. Government agency must be satisfactorily performed on at least five or more projects of not less than $50,000 each or one project over $500,000 within the past five years. The construction experience shall be the company’s own (specifically, experience as a sub-contractor, sub-contractor’s or employee’s experience will not be counted.)

      If an External Audit Report shows inadequate financial capability or that any of the above mentioned documents are missing, your company will not be considered to be eligible as a prequalified construction contractor at FED. The submitted documents will not be returned.

      If you have any questions in this matter, please contact Mr. Nicholas I. Johnston 0503-321-6035 or Ms. Kim, Tok-Kyong, PQ Coordinator, at 0503-321-6109.

FED 건설업체등록에 필요한 최소 자격요건                                                                        

미극동공병단의 건설업체로 등록을 하기 위해서는 최소한 다음 서류를 구비하여 제출하여야 합니다.
  1.  사업자 등록증 사본.
  2.  등기부등본 사본.
  3.  대한민국 정부에서 교부한 건설산업기본법에 의한 토목건축업면허, 전기공사업법에 의한 전기공사면허 및 소방업법에 의한 소방시설공사면허증 사본.
  4.  최근 2년간의 외부감사보고서.
  5.  본사 위치도.
  6.  FED 담당 직원의 성명, 사진 및 주민등록번호가 기재된 회사기구표.
  7.  주한미군계약처 (411th Contracting Support Brigade, Korea)나 기타 미정부기관, 또는 미국 건설 기준에 맟춰 공사한 건설공사실적 및 근거서류.
  8.  모든 서류는 영문으로 제출하여야하며 한글서류는 영어로 번역하여 첨부하되 반드시 공증하여 제출한다.

      미정부기관에서 발주한 건설공사의 실적은 최근 5년간에 성공적으로 수행한것으로써 5만불 이상의 공사 5건 또는 50만불 이상의 공사 1건 이어야 합니다.  이 실적은 귀사의 실적이어야 합니다.  다시말해서 하청업자로서의 실적, 귀회사의 하청을 받는 다른 회사의 실적 또는 직원의 실적은 포함되지 않습니다.  

      만일 외부감사보고서에 운영자금이 적격하지 않다고 판단되거나 위에 명시한 서류가 미비된 업체는 등록 고려대상에서 제외되며, 제출한 서류는 일체 반환하지 않습니다.

     기타 사항은 Mr. Nicholas I. Johnston (전화) 0503-321-6095 이나 담당자 Ms. Kim, Tok-Kyong (전화 0503-321-6109 에게 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.