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Welcome to Korea!
Exciting Places, Engaging Work & Good Times!

Welcome to the Corps of Engineers, Far East District, the engineering and construction agency of choice in Korea ! FED has a long history of overseeing the design and construction of outstanding quality of life and operational facilities for the Department of Defense community in Korea.

  • Exciting Places!

    Nowhere in the world are there markets and shopping areas to rival those of Seoul.  Itaewon, located just outside Yongsan Army Garrison, is probably the most famous of the Korean shopping mec cas for foreigners.  There you can find famous name outlets such as Nike and the Gap as well as sidewalk vendors, antique dealers and custom tailors.  Itaewon also offers a wide variety of restaurants from original Korean cuisine to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Outback Steak Houses.  The true Korean markets, however, are not as Western in style as Itaewon.  In the traditional markets, like Dongdaemun, located next to the Far East District, Namdaemun, Insa-dong, and the Yongsan Electronics Market, products are grouped according to type.  The many stalls and storefronts in these market places feature everything from designer buttons to the latest in electronic gadgets.  When shopping be sure to have enough Korean currency with you or stop by one of the authorized currency exchanges which are clearly marked and conveniently located throughout the shopping areas.

  • Engaging Work!
    Building for Peace on the Frontiers of Freedom.

    Today, our mission is three-fold:

    • To execute the military construction and government of Korea-funded host nation construction program as the DoD design and construction agent for the U.S. forces in Korea.

    • To support U.S. installations through engineering and environmental services, designs and construction management.

    • To provide U.S. forces Korea professional, cost-effective, responsive engineering and construction services in armistice and war.

    Accountants Administrative Specialists Architects Attorneys
    Chemist Budget Analysts Civil Engineers Construction Reps
    Contract Specialist Cost Engineers Data Proc Specialist Ecologist
    Electrical Engineers Engineer Technicians Environmental Engineers General Engineers
    Info Tech Specialists Interdisc Engineers Legal Assistants Logistics Specialists
    Mechanical Engineers Personal Technicians Program Analysts Program Managers
    Project Managers Quality Assurance Reps Safety Officer Supervisory Gen Engineers
    Training Coordinator Workforce Specialists    
  • Good Times!

    Seoul belongs to the Temperate Zone featuring four distinctive seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.  The yearly average temperature of Seoul is 12.2 degrees Celsius.  Temperatures in Seoul show large seasonal variation, reaching as high as 38.4 degrees Celsius in the summer and dropping as low as minus 19.2 degrees Celsius in the winter.  Influenced by the North Pacific high-pressure system, Seoul has hot and humid summers with average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius from June through September.

    In the middle of summer, the city often records daily highs of over 30 degrees Celsius.  In winter,  Seoul is geographically influenced by the expansion of the Siberian high pressure and prevailing west wind with temperatures dropping lower than other regions on the same latitude.  The rise and fall of the high-pressure system causes a typical cycle of three successive cold days followed by four warmer days, relieving people from freezing temperatures.

    The annual precipitation in Seoul averages 1,344.2 millimeters, which is more than the average amount of rainfall across the peninsula.  Most of the rainfall is concentrated in the rainy months (monsoon period) of June through September when downpours account for about 70 percent of the total annual precipitation.  Except for those rainy spells, however, Seoul boasts fine weather throughout the year and is especially famous for its azure autumn skies.

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