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Resource Management Office

The mission of the Far East District Resource Management Office (RMO) is to provide sound financial advice and support on resource management issues pertaining to Budget, Manpower and Management,  Finance & Accounting in order to maintain fiscal integrity in our business processes, monitor the execution of the resources, and accomplish our installation support and contingency missions.

The Resource Management's functions includes providing financial guidance, consolidate and monitor the district operating budget, ensures the propriety of funds received for execution, validating, managing, tracking and reporting civilian strength management / manpower requirements, exercising administrative control of funds and assets to ensure statutory / regulatory compliance, and managing the district's resource during Contingency Operations.


Budget, Manpower and Management Branch

Budget, Manpower & Management Branch provides sound financial advice and support on budgetary issues in order to maintain programming, planning, budgeting, and execution of financial and manpower resources, coordinate with staff elements on operating budgets, analyzes execution, and manages the acceptance of funds.

Finance and Accounting Branch

Finance and Accounting Branch provides sound financial advice and support on accounting practices and procedures in order to maintain fiscal integrity and adhere to statutory and regulatory control of funds.

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