Engineering Services Branch

VALUE ENGINEERING (VE) STUDIES : Conduct VE Studies for all MILCON projects with CWEs exceeding $2 million and all O&M projects with CWEs exceeding $1 million. Study teams are created using the OVEST (Office of the Chief of Engineers Value Engineering Study Team), FED, POD, and other Corps District assets. Currently, FED's VE Studies are performing with a 27-to-1 savings-to-cost ratio ($27 dollars of savings for every dollar spent on VE Studies).

Program & Budget Team


* ENGINEERING DIVISION BUDGET: Annually prepares the Initial and Mid-year Budget and Operating Program for Engineering Division. (The Geotechnical and Environmental Branch has a separate budget since they operate as a facility and have a separate Revolving Fund Account for their activities.) Monitor the budget and operating program execution throughout the fiscal year. Perform cost analyses to ensure the division is executing within acceptable parameters. Analyze the division's budget versus actual and also budget versus commitments with relation to the Departmental Overhead account's earnings and expected expenditures.

* PURCHASE REQUEST AND COMMITMENTS (PR&Cs): Prepare Purchase Requests for Labor, Cash Awards, and In-House services for the Division. Issue Government Orders to other Corps Districts and DoD activities when necessary to accomplish mission requirements. Approve the funding portion of all Division PR&Cs, certify all labor, cash award and Credit Card PR&Cs, and obligate funds for training, PCS travel & perdiem cost. These actions are executed via the Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS) and P2.

* PROSPECT AND NON-PROSPECT TRAINING SURVEYS: Annually receive notification of allocation spaces received and inform respective Branch Chiefs. Provide student instructions upon receipt and process funding approval for training requests (DD Form 1556) and Travel Orders. Training is managed through the use of ATMP (Automated Training Management Program) and the CEFMS database.

* GEOTECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL BRANCH PROGRAM SUPPORT: Receive funding from various customers for Geotechnical and Environmental Branch, provide MIPR technical approval, and create the Work Item and Resource Plan in CEFMS.