Oct 24 FED supports ADOS program
Oct 24 FED installs new waterline for Madison Site
Oct 24 FED November history
Sep 26 COL Scott Warner visits Osan senior noncommissioned officer dormitory
Sep 26 DODEA visits Osan
Sep 26 FED October history
Sep 12 COL Milhorn visits Korea
Sep 12 COL Green attends ribbon cutting ceremony for Osan dormitory
Sep 12 Groundbreaking ceremony for Downtown Humphreys
Sep 12 KIOSK set up at USAG Humphreys
July 18 Ilmar Tarikas receives Steel Order of the de Fleury
July 18 FED southern resident office continues construction for 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command
July 18 FED August history
July 02 AMIE interns visit FED
July 02 FED mobile app available for download
July 02 New FED headquarters groundbreaking ceremony
July 02 University students selected for AMIE internship
Jun 20 FED hosts earthquake challenge for Seoul American middle school students
Jun 20 Osan construction projects overseen by FED
Jun 20 LTG Bostick provides updates on Asia/Pacific region
Jun 20 Doug Bliss awards students for participating in the tower design challenge
Jun 20 FED July history
May 28 FED uses metal form system to mold concrete
May 28 Camp Casey middle school students visit FED
May 28 Groundbreaking ceremony for communication squadron and technical control facility at Kunsan air base
May 28 Rooftop garden on Camp Caroll health and dental clinic
May 8 FED provides healthy water to service members
May 8 USAG middle and high school groundbreaking ceremony
May 8 FED maintains active water wells
May 8 FED uses better way to mold concrete
May 8 FED June History
Apr. 25 FED measures pull out capacity for building
Apr. 25 FED engineers judge toothpick bridge competition
Apr. 25 FED project managers make paper gliders with USAG Elementary school students
Apr. 25 CNFK Karlson visits USAG Humphreys
Apr. 11 FED May History
Apr. 11 2ID Headquarters groundbreaking ceremony
Apr. 11 Ministry of National Defense Exchange Program
Apr. 11 FED updates partnership agreement with Korea Water Resources Corporation
Apr. 11 ASA Hammack visits FED
Mar. 28 Employees awarded the bronze deFleury medal
Mar. 28 MG Stevens visit FED
Mar. 28 Robert Lamoureux receives certificate for volunteering at USAG Yongsan
Mar. 14 Big dig of KORCOM Headquarters
Mar. 14 District employees attend ULDP Program
Mar. 14 MG Semonite visits FED
Mar. 14 District employees receive certificate of appreciation from KCCE Association
Feb. 27 FED March history
Feb. 27 Cho, Yong-ho receives Commander's Award
Feb. 27 Kunsan resident office employees receive commander's coin
Feb. 27 FED visits SAHS for Engineering Day
Feb. 27 Hunter Dandridge attends Annual Black Engineer banquet
Feb. 06 MG Carter visits Osan air base
Feb. 06 John Alden receives Commander's Award for Civilian Service
Feb. 06 SSGT Owen receives Air Force Achievement Medal
Feb. 06 FED construction projects - Yongsan Overpass
Jan. 17 COL Green meets MND staff
Jan. 17 David Ham receives award from MND
Jan. 17 USAG Humphreys middle and high school opening
Jan. 17 LTC Rhodes retirement ceremony
Jan. 17 FED February History