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Dec.20  FED STEM jobshadowing 
Dec.20  Kunsan simulator opening 
Dec.20  FED supports Hurricane Sandy recovery operations
Dec.20  USAG Humphreys barracks construction 
Dec. 6 

Engineers give class to highschool students

Dec. 6  FED employee awards 
Dec. 6  FED employee makes kimchi for the needy 
Dec. 6  COL Green receives Korean name 
Dec. 6  FED January History  
Nov.22 FED oversees construction of the second runway at Osan Air Base
Nov.22 Groundbreaking ceremony for Osan Elementary School
Nov.22 Employment opportunities with FED
Nov.22 FED celebrates National American Indian Heritage Month
Nov. 7 Monument built to honor U.S. Army Engineer Units
Nov. 7 Resident engineers test new roads on USAG Humphreys
Nov. 7 COL Green meets Major Kim
Nov. 7 2ID Commander visits USAG Humphreys
Oct. 25 Far East District History Minutes - November
Oct. 25 Capt. Solli's promotion to Major
Oct. 25 FED social media intro
Oct. 25 Resident engineers review projects for LEED certification
Oct. 25 Pyeongtaek city councils visit Osan Air Base
Oct. 10 Chong, Hye Su retires after 34 years of service
Oct. 10 American Engineer company awarded contract for Osan Air Base
Oct. 10 2ID visits USAG Humphreys construction site
Oct. 10 Runway repairs on Osan Air Base
Oct. 01 Yu, Chi Nam chosen as employee of the month
Oct. 01 FED Logisitcs Management Office provides training for 125th Korea Service Corps Company
Oct. 01 Pak, Sam Kun receives certificate of appreciation
Oct. 01 Groundbreaking ceremony for medical facility at Kunsan Air Base
Sept.13 Far East District History Minutes - October
Sept.13 Ribbon cutting ceremony for Central Elementary School at USAG Humphreys
Sept.13 Jacob West awarded the Chieft of Engineers 2011 Military Contingency Responder of the year award
Sept.13 Opening of Fleet and Family Town Center in Chinhae
Sept.13 Groundbreaking ceremony for U.S. Navy Headquarters in Busan
Aug. 30 Kenneth Pickler receives Bronze De Fleury Medal
Aug. 30 FED hosts AMIE Internship Program
Aug. 30 368th Engineer FEST Team supports 2013 UFG
Aug. 30 FED attends Airfield Paving Operations Workshop
Jul. 22 Korea Command Operations Center groundbreaking ceremony
Jul. 22 SGT Derick Liebenstein reenlistment
Jul. 22 BG Stevens visits Far East District
Jul. 22 Far East District's Change of Command
Jun. 07 Area Director of DoDEA visits USAG High School construction site
Jun. 07 FED completes ISO surveillance audit
Jun. 07 COL Johnson retires after 33 years of service
Jun. 07 Army Housing Towers at USAG Humphreys opens
Jun. 05 FED holds job shadowing for student
Jun. 05

East Gate Edition's 30th Anniversary

Jun. 05 FED hosts annual Local Materials Conference
Jun. 05 FED hosts STEM workshop at USAG Humphreys Elementary School
Apr. 19 Far East District attends Construction Contract Administration Course
Apr. 19 CSM Mahoney visits USAG-Humphreys
Apr. 19 Far East District will build dining facility at Kunsan Air Base
Apr. 19 FED military personnel visit Task Force Smith
Apr. 1 Rooftop garden on new dental clinic
Apr. 1 MND Exchange Program
Apr. 1 Origin of the name Far East District
Apr. 1 COL Baisch promotion ceremony
Mar. 15 STEM agreement
Mar. 15 MG Cox's visit
Mar. 15 Families moving into the Army Housing Tower
Mar. 15 USACE FEST Key Resolve
Feb. 27 Updates on recent design submittal for the future 2ID museum
Feb. 27 GEN Thurman visits USAG-H new school project
Feb. 27 SAHS students visit FED environmental lab
Feb. 27 FED approves onsite concrete plant for Osan second runway
Feb. 12 FED Logistic team attends Korean Service Corps Mobilization Exercise at USAG Daegu

Feb. 12

Project manager Anisha Downs recognized as modern day technology leader

Feb. 12 FED attends design review meeting for USAG-H Midtown Medical Facilities
Feb. 12 FED laid foundation for Airforce's fire squadron aircraft maintenance facility

Jan. 18

FED builds environmentally-friendly contaminated soil treatment facilites
Jan. 18 8FW ribbon cutting for maintenance complex in Kunsan
Jan. 18 POF Safety specialist Mr. Chang, U-ik gets recognized by ROK MND-DIA
Jan. 18 MG Cox visits Korea