ENFIRE Refresher Course Produces Renewed Contingency Preparedness

Far East District
Published Aug. 12, 2020
ENFIRE Refresher Course Produces Renewed Contingency Preparedness

Mr. Richard T. Byrd, FED Deputy District Engineer, presents ENFIRE instructors Staff Sgt. William Lack and Spc. Christopher Bowden of the 11th Engineers with certificates of achievement.

ENFIRE Refresher Course Produces Renewed Contingency Preparedness

ENFIRE is a rapid data collecting tool kit designed to help improve mission safety and efficiency.

The 11th Engineers have concluded a refresher course held during the week of Aug. 3 designed to leverage the use of ENFIRE, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) rapid data collecting tool kit. Instruction set, reconnaissance, and surveying (commonly known as ENFIRE) allows Far East District (FED) Soldiers and civilians to conduct reconnaissance with modernized collection and dissemination technology from a safe distance, making it possible to deliver data with a greater level of precision than ever before.


The ENFIRE software application allows Soldiers and civilians to use advanced software components to share mission information with decision makers in real time by automatically populating field data back to their commanders. The system’s long-distance laser range finder allows Soldiers to quickly gather information about a target from up to a six-kilometer range.


“The use of ENFIRE will help make missions safer for our troops and DOD Civilians,” said Spc. Christopher W. Bowden, course instructor.


Use of ENFIRE equipment within USACE will allow Soldiers and civilians to provide vital intelligence using cutting edge software that will reduce the time on target and greatly improve Soldier and civilian safety by reducing exposure to potential threats because of the system’s rapid information collection and dissemination processes. This will allow teams to move in and out quickly when conducting their reconnaissance.


Additionally, combat engineers will be able to better manage construction projects with ENFIRE’s construction site planning software. These tools within the construction interface assist with facility and inventory management, obstacle planning and surveying, making this an important training for FED civilians.


Sang Yoon Woo, Civil Engineer in the FED’s Geotechnical Section said, “This was my first ENFIRE training and a great opportunity to understand how this modern kit is actually used for engineers.”


ENFIRE equipment will also be utilized by civilian engineers to share their findings with others such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government entities during natural disasters. The kit is also helpful in underwater operations to view integrated data from the kit’s sonar and GPS survey equipment.


“It has been great to engage the Far East District and set them up for success in upcoming missions,” said Staff. Sgt. John B. Lack, refresher course instructor.


Instructors provided real world scenarios for potential contingency and peacetime requirements, preparing attendees to serve in both technical tasks and the important role they would have to play in a project or potential contingency environment. 


This 11th Engineering Refresher Course, organized by Capt. Heathra King, Plans and Exercise Officer, was a success for all involved. Attendees left with renewed technical proficiency in the required data retrieval tactics for any upcoming U.S. Army Corps of Engineering project or mission.