Far East District participates in job fair

Far East District
Published Aug. 7, 2020
Far East District participates in job fair

Representatives from the FED were on hand to speak with job seekers and provide them with literature on the Corps and its current job openings.

Far East District participates in job fair

EEO Mangager, Steve Brown engages a Humphreys Job Fair attendee on the positions available with the Corps.

The Far East District supported Camp Humphreys job fair at The Morning Calm Center Aug. 5. The district employs more than 450 individuals in 120 job titles and is the largest public engineering design and construction management agency in the world.

With current openings for the positions of Interdisciplinary Engineer/Architect, Project Manager, and Civil Engineer, many job seekers were surprised by the Corps’ need to hire educated and experienced professionals outside the obvious categories of engineer or carpenter.

In fact, one of the most interesting obstacles recruiters for the US Army Corps of Engineers encounter is making the public at large aware of the wide array of career opportunities available within the organization. Job fair attendees tended to not consider the huge number of support positions needed to complete any one piece of major construction.

The Corps offers both technical and administrative careers in the United States and abroad but contrary to popular belief, it is not just an organization for people who enjoy working outdoors. From lawyers and accountants to administrative assistants and project managers, the organization encompasses nearly every possible career choice there is, evident by their over 32,000 civilian employees who help deliver engineering services and support to over 90 countries all over the globe.

These types of undertakings make it essential for recruiters and hiring managers to have access to the best talent, trained with the critical skills needed to meet the programmatic demands of the Corps. Commitment to delivering projects on time and according to specification are parts of an essential skill set for someone looking to establish a career with the Army Corps of Engineers.

In order to create a workforce ready to meet the agency’s current and future needs, recruiters must acquire employees who are ready to share from their knowledge bank to help the Corps deliver the innovative and sustainable solutions they are known for worldwide.

In addition to the wide array of job opportunities, applicants with the Corps also have access to a number of hiring initiatives and being a part of Humphreys’ job fair was an optimal opportunity to share information with job seekers about the diverse types of careers veterans and military spouses can pursue with the team.

Some of the US Army Corp of Engineers special hiring initiatives include:

·        Federal Career Intern Program. Students accepted into this program can work part-time or full time with flexible hours, while earning benefits such as vacation and sick leave, as well as public transportation subsidies.

·        Internships. Interns that complete this program may be offered permanent positions.

·        The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP). STEP provides part-time and full-time employment opportunities to students during the school year or summer.

·        The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP). SCEP provides cooperative education opportunities to students as they relate to their majors and could result in a permanent position.

·        The Student Educational Employment Program (SEEP). SEEP provides students with year-round employment with flexible work schedules and assignments.


Check out the available job openings with US Army Corps of Engineers’ today on USAJOBS. For more information on the Far East District visit https://www.pof.usace.army.mil/.