FED celebrates Engineer Day at Seoul compound for last time

Far East District
Published July 4, 2018
FED celebrates Engineer Day at Seoul compound for last time

Col. Teresa Schlosser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District commander, presents employee awards during Engineer Day held at the district's East Gate Club, June 29.

SEOUL, South Korea—The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District, recently held its final Engineer Day at the district headquarters as it prepares to relocate to Camp Humphreys.

“This celebration is bittersweet,” said Col. Teresa Schlosser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District commander. “It was bitter because it was our last one here as we get ready to move. The sweet part is that the district will pretty much be all together. So we can actually have our first 100% FED Engineering Day.”

Many of the district’s employees cheerfully gathered at compound’s flagpole for a unified organization photo. Following the photo, the group migrated to the East Gate Club for an award ceremony to congratulate many of the employee’s achievements.

Schlosser spoke briefly about the day’s activities and the significance of the district celebrating its final Engineer Day.

“The relocation is finally happening,” said Schlosser. “We are going to leave our home and go down to be with everyone else at Camp Humphreys. We can finally be more together as a district. We will still have Kunsan, Daegu, and a few of the outline stations, but for the most part we will be together.”
Many competitive activities filled the compound including an egg-spoon race, free-throw competition, spades tournament, pull-ups, and much more. Most of the district’s divisions put together teams to earn winning accolades from their peers.

Some employees’ spouses and children joined in on the celebration and activities held at the compound. The children were entertained through bouncy-houses, face painting, and a coloring contest.

Needless to say joy, laughter, celebration, and most of all togetherness filled the compound during the district’s final Engineer Day celebration.

After a pot-luck luncheon the commander announced “Team George” as the winners of the overall sport’s competition. Team George was a team comprised of members of the construction division, named in honor of their outgoing chief who’s retiring soon.

Although this is the last celebration at the Seoul compound the district will continue to observe Engineer Day and other events at its new Camp Humphreys location.

“I will like to thank everybody from all the sites for the work they put in for Engineer Day, because I know it takes a ton of work,” said Schlosser. “For everybody who helped put Engineer Day together, I thank them for that.”