New chief to lead FED Transportation branch

Published Jan. 24, 2018

James Greene. FED Transportation Chief

After almost three decades the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District hired a new transportation chief.

Kenneth Pickler has served as the chief of the transportation division since the early 1990’s after retiring from the active duty Army. Pickler has decided to call it a career and retire later this year and James Greene will succeed him as the new chief.

Greene is a retired Army supply technician who prior to working here was a part of the New Orleans district. He will officially take over as the chief on Feb. 16.

“We are transitioning slowly and doing a hand receipt changeover of the equipment and making sure everything is there,” said Greene.

Greene is absorbing the wealth of knowledge that Pickler has gathered over his long career with the district.

“It’s been a fast moving pace,” said Greene. “Ken has a vast wealth of knowledge and trying to get someone to learn everything in a short span is asking a lot. He has a whole lot of contacts and I will try to get the same understanding that he has with them as well.”

Although Pickler is retiring this year he will remain a resident in South Korea, which serves as a bit of an advantage for Greene. He said that Pickler has offered him the ability to reach out to him at any time.  

Greene is working at the district’s new motor pool located at Camp Humphreys, while Pickler is still working at the Seoul location. Communication is vital to ensuring that they have a successful transition.

“Ken and I correspond constantly,” said Greene. “When something happens he calls me and we discuss it. Then I write it down in it my continuity book. I put that information in there and I start tracking it from that point.”

Pickler offered Greene some advice on the best way to learn and be successful in his new career.

“He said that I have to take it one day at a time,” said Greene. “He also told me that you have to treat people with kindness and respect if you want the same in return.”

Overall, Greene stated that he expects to contribute as much as Ken has done during his tenure here.

“I think we’re going to have fun and I’m going to enjoy working here,” said Greene.