Humphreys Area Office

Located in U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, the Humphreys Area Office (HAO) is a premier construction team with over 72 dedicated professionals.  Since the onset of various Korea relocation programs, HAO has been taking part in the construction of an entire city; the office has completed many notable and high-profile projects and is currently managing over 60 projects worth $1.25 billion.  The construction is defined by multiple international agreements and partnerships that are unique to Korea.  It bolsters high level of interest and active involvement from several commands. 

HAO has an important mission in supporting the warfighting capabilities, contingency readiness, and improving the quality of life for soldiers, civilians and their families stationed in USAG-Humphreys.  HAO manages many types of construction programs such as Operations and Maintenance Army (OMA), Military Construction (MILCON), Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF), and three host-nation funded constructions: Yongsan Relocation Program (YRP), Land Partnership Program (LPP), and Republic of Korea Funded Constructions (ROKFC In-Kind).  A typical team is  comprised of project engineers, construction-control representatives, negotiators, and administrative/engineer support professionals.  As the only area office under Far East District, Humphreys Area Office has these three resident offices:   


Pyeongtaek Resident Office (PRO)  

Family Housing Resident Office (FHRO) 

Security Operations Resident Office (SORO)


HAO is continuously hiring!  We offer 3-year  tours.  The work is unusually engaging, challenging, and exciting.  Employment with HAO provides an excellent opportunity for in-depth hands-on experience in construction, with the complexity of multinational teams and procedures.  Please click here for vacancies.


Korea is a safe and modern country with beautiful mountains, coastline, and access to vacation spots around Asia.   USAG-Humphreys is an hour and a half drive south of Seoul, 40 minutes south of Osan Air Base, and 15 minutes from the city of Pyeongtaek.  Humphreys is not far from nightlife, restaurants, and shopping.  The Humphreys Exchange and Commissary, Food Court, and Restaurants offer typical American amenities.  HAO employees generally choose to live in the town right outside the gate, in the City of Pyeongtaek and its surrounding communities.  School-age dependents attend DODDS American elementary, middle and high schools at Humphreys.