Far East Vision: Focused Professionals Delivering Quality, Engineering Excellence and Driven to Exceed Expectations.Our mission is to deliver engineering solutions in the Republic of Korea to secure our Allies and our Nation. Our vision is to be the trusted engineer on the peninsula: Focused Professionals Delivering Quality through Engineering Excellence and Driven to Exceed Expectations.


The Far East District is a complex organization that contains a wide variety of divisions, field offices and branches of expertise with specialized missions and functions. These are further organized into specialized branches and sections. The Far East District employees are located throughout the country of South Korea. The district's boundaries are from Area I (Camp Casey) to Area V (Pusan).

Temporary Lodging

When preparing to depart for the Far East District, you may need temporary lodging prior to moving, typically after your household goods have been picked up by the movers. Prior to traveling to Korea, Temporary Lodging Expense (if authorized) can offset some of the lodging and meal costs when the employee and/or his or her dependents are preparing to travel for a Permanent Change of Station. The legal authority for TLE is 37 U.S. Code, Section 404a.

Once you arrive in-country, Temporary Lodging Allowance allows for up to 60 days of lodging and meal expenses, and can be extended if necessary. The legal authority for TLA is 37 U.S. Code, Section 405. You will want to make reservations prior to arrival (your sponsor can help you with this.)

For more information about this and related topics, visit the Dept. of State website at https://aoprals.state.gov/content.asp?content_id=231&menu_id=92.

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