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Tech Review Branch

In June 2010 the Technical Review Branch was established under the Engineering Division as an independent branch.  Technical Review Branch manages quality of designs and provides oversight to safeguard US codes and regulations and users’ facility requirements throughout the execution of the $13B Yongsan Relocation Program, Host Nation Funded program, Military Construction Army and Operation and Maintenance projects. The Technical Review Branch supports the District’s mission by providing technical resources and delivering reliable and innovative engineering solutions throughout the duration of the projects. Technical Review Section and the Design Management Section of Branch work hand in hand to achieve these objectives.  Their roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Technical Review Section (CEPOF-ED-TT):

- Focus on compliance with applicable criteria and DOD regulations to meet customers’ needs consistent with law, code, public policy and sound engineering principles and judgments. 

- Evaluate locally manufactured construction materials, equipments, and building components for compliance with FED’s specifications, national codes and regulations, and DOD standards.

- Perform A-E Evaluations on the quality of work i.e., design analysis, drawings and specifications at each design stage from Notice to Proceed (NTP) to completion of the contract documentation.

- Perform shop drawing and product submittal reviews as required. Participate in the final acceptance test of the Fire Protection System.


Design Management Section (CEPOF-ED-TD):

  • Assist Project Managers with preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) packages including Architect-Engineer (A-E) scope of work, Independent government estimate (IGE), participating in planning charrette, pre-design conference, negotiations and assisting Contracting Officers (KOs) for award of A-E contracts during project Initiation stage.
  • Manage A-E contracts per Engineer Pamphlet (EP) 715-1-7 requirements and USAEDFE Quality Management System (QMS).  Perform as Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) as authorized by KO.

·         Track and monitor AEs’ deliverables and schedules. Verify if AEs’ payment estimates commensurate with the level of completeness of deliverables.  Process AEs’ payment estimates.  Issue COR letter to AEs through coordination with KO if necessary.

  • Lead and coordinate with PDT to prepare the Design Quality Assurance Plan (DQAP).  Review AE’s Design Quality Control Plan for each project (DQCP) for its completeness.  Conduct periodic meetings with AEs to discuss issues from design and construction changes.