About the Far East District


Headquartered in Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek, Republic of Korea, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District is one of four districts of the Pacific Ocean Division, providing vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen our Nation’s security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters.

As the premier engineering, design, and construction agent for all Department of Defense agencies in the Republic of Korea, the Far East District contributes significantly to the peace and security in the Pacific region through the execution of a multi-billion dollar construction program for U.S. Forces in the Republic of Korea. Worldwide, it is the largest construction program managed by the U.S. Army.


Engineering Division

The Far East District's Engineering Division is committed to supporting the district's mission on the Korean peninsula. We proudly contribute to the U.S. Forces Korea's military readiness and quality of life through our engineering services, building and improving facilities for the varied and changing needs of our Soldiers serving on "Freedom's Frontier."


Program and Project Management Division


  • Support the Far East District (FED) Mission to provide quality planning, engineering, design, and construction services to United States Forces, Korea (USFK) and the service components in Armistice and Contingency
  • Program Management
  • Life Cycle Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Manager (PM) – Project Delivery Team (PDT) Leader
    • Engineering Division, Construction Division, Contracting Division, Office of Counsel, Resource Management, Architect-Engineer (A-E) Firms
    • USFK, Service Components, Installations, Stakeholders, Customers
  • Customer care and team work
  • Deliver the program

Contracting Division


Welcome to the United States Corps of Engineers Far East District (FED) Contracting webpage. FED Contracting is the Agent responsible for providing acquisitions for architect-engineering services, and construction services supporting the United States Forces Korea (USFK) and its Republic of Korea (ROK) partners  throughout the Korean peninsula.

Mission and Vision

Deliver vital engineering solutions, in collaboration with our partners, to secure our Nation, energize our economy, and reduce disaster risk.

Engineering solutions for our Nation’s toughest challenges.



Construction Branch

Specializing in a wide range of acquisition projects such the construction of a hospital, army family housing, barracks to paving of an air field in support of U.S. Military Construction (MILCON), sustainment, restoration and modernization (SRM) and host nation construction programs, to ensure that our Korean partners and the United States Forces Korea (USFK) have top notch facilities.


Architect-Engineering Services and Supply Branch

Provides acquisition services for the development of architect-engineering of facilities through all design phases in support of U.S Military Construction (MILCON), sustainment restoration and modernization (SRM), and host nation construction programs. This branch also procures a variety of other services and supplies such as construction security monitoring, building maintenance, and environmental services to support the FED and its customers.  


Business Oversight Branch

Providing direct oversight and monitoring of the life cycle of all FED acquisitions, the Government Purchase Card Program, as well as providing policy guidance and continuous process improvement to the FED contracting division.

Construction Division

We provide quality assurance oversight and construction contract administration for construction projects on military installations throughout the Republic of Korea.

Construction Services Branch

We are responsible for the quality and timeliness of all contract modifications, evaluating proposals for new construction contracts, providing specialized technical assistance and guidance to field offices on contract administration, and assist the Contracting Division chief in managing budget and expense accounting.

Quality Assurance Branch

We provide technical guidance and support to our field offices, performing constructability reviews on design documents, reviewing contractor submittals, and special inspections on construction sites.  Our staff consists of senior architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

Area/Resident Offices

We provide supervision and administration of construction projects onsite and perform day to day contract administration and quality assurance inspections.  Our staff consists of engineers and construction control representatives.