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Southern Resident Office

The Southern Resident Office (SRO) is located in the city of Daegu. We are approximately 300 km (180 miles) south of Seoul via the Seoul-Busan expressway. Daegu is the "apple capital" of Korea, with a climate much like the Mid-Atlantic States. We have four seasons, with hot summers and cool, dry winters. The spring and fall are wonderful times of the year. The beaches at Busan are an hour and half by train from here. MWR offers ski trips in the winter to the mountains about 2 hours away.  The food is spicy but you get used to it. Even though the major cities are large (Daegu at 4 million, Seoul at 12 million) crime is extremely low. Public transportation within the country is cheap, clean, and efficient. All major cities have subway systems that are world class. There are 2 incountry airlines, and you can get anywhere within the country in an hour. There is a great train system that runs to every spot in the country. Clean, efficient, and works like clockwork. A new high-speed rail line (KTX) connects Daegu with Seoul and the rest of the country.  

The SRO office is located on Camp Henry, which is also the headquarters of the 19th Theater Support Group. Military family housing is at Camp George, across the street, and at Camp Walker which is about 6 blocks away. All civilian employees live on the local economy. Western style housing is plentiful in the area. The Quarters Allowance you receive will cover your rent and expenses, as long as you are not extravagant. We also receive a post differential as well as a post allowance. We also earn home leave.

SRO serves USFK in total. We do work for the Army, Navy, Air Force, as well as the Marines. We basically handle all the DoD work south of Pyeongtaek, except for Kunsan Air Base. SRO has Project Office's in Daegu, Busan, Waegwan and Chinhae. Our program is varied. We do MILCON, as well as host nation funded work. Of course we do the traditional O&M and some non-traditional DECA maintenance work. We also have a healthy Job Order Contracting (JOC) program that is active everywhere in SRO.